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Travel by car Saas Almagell is located in the heart of the Valley of Saas in the southern part of Valais, 35 km from Brig. In the summer months you can reach Saas via a beautiful drive over the mountain passes Furka (in winter car transport Furka), Nufenen, Grimsel and Simplon. Year round you can reach Saas Almagell from the north via Bern through the Lötschbergtunnel (Kandersteg – Goppenstein car transport ), or from the west via Lausanne up the Rhone Valley, to Visp and then continuing along the Saas Valley (road open year round) to Saas Almagell. Travel by Public Transportations Train service is available to Visp/Brig with bus connections to Saas Almagell every 30 min. Last bus connection from Brig: 20.45 Uhr (Friday and Saturday: 22.15 Uhr) Last bus connection from Visp: 21.10 Uhr (Friday and Saturday: 22.40 Uhr) Timetable SBB